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Program and Instruction

The Academic Academy provides scholars with an academically rigorous, well-rounded education where scholars take ownership of their learning. The Academic Academy is based on the concept of a school within a school and serves scholars in grades 4 through 8 from across the City of Waterbury. 
The Academic Academy's curriculum follows the same scope and sequence as all other schools in the Waterbury Public Schools, but at an accelerated pace with a focus on project-based learning. This accelerated pace provides students with the opportunity to earn high school credit during their eight-grade year. 
Many Academic Academy scholars participate in the extracurricular offerings at Wallace Middle School such as the student council, school sports teams, the school play, the after-school program, dances, field trips, and other clubs and activities. 
Criteria for acceptance in the program includes high academic achievement, exemplary citizenship, and a strong desire to excel academically. Any student who lives in Waterbury may apply to the Academic Academy. 

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